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FLOSSIE 2018 Business Invitation Scheme

一、First, the form of franchise

FLOSSIE grants franchisees exclusive distribution of FLOSSIE home hardware products in designated areas. Franchisors need to set up FLOSSIE brand stores (franchised areas), as the brand image display, customer product experience, market operation work center, franchised stores (franchised areas) in accordance with the unified image of FLOSSIE design and decoration, operating under the guidance and supervision of FLOSSIE marketing center.

二、 Agent Requirements

1. To be qualified as an independent legal person, it is necessary to provide valid business licenses, personal identity cards and other documents.
2. A professional marketing team is responsible for expanding distribution channels and maximizing the construction of distribution outlets. Fully tap and use their own and channel resources, responsible for FLOSSIE product marketing, promotion and sales.
3. Have the local market resources, have the confidence and determination to develop the household hardware industry for a long time.
4. Willing to accept company management guidance and business operation training, and actively cooperate with and implement the company's marketing policy.
5. Recognize FLOSSIE brand positioning, product planning and marketing model, adhere to long-term cooperation and win-win development.

三. For franchise policy and support, please contact Brand Operating Center.

FLOSSIE Brand Operating Center